MIS operates a professionally managed, secure, and dry warehouse facility in East Tennessee. Services in this warehouse facility include the following:

  • Warehouse Storage – Long term and short term storage options are available.
  • Fulfillment Services – MIS can manage your inventory and fulfill your customer delivery as needed.
  • Repackaging – If an order is returned, MIS can inspect, repackage and add the item(s) back to your inventory. Read more about MIS Sort and Inspection Services.

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  • Volvo Case Study - When Volvo was located in Virginia suppliers shipped to Camrett Logistics in Rural Retreat, Virginia. When quality management was needed for automotive parts shipped there, MIS sent in a crew to provide quality management and do the quality containment work.
  • "Companies always need someone to contain defective products" said Gary Kilpatrick, President of MIS Inc. "Our performance and our reaction time is our greatest strength. We can quickly take corrective and preventive action to keep costs of defective products from skyrocketing for our clients.
  • Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is a seal of approval."

    iso-certifiedMIS is ISO
    9001:2008 certified

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